A party with socialists in it: A history of the Labour left

A party with socialists in it: A history of the Labour left
Published by Pluto Press and the Left Book Club (February 2018)

Some reviews

This book astutely appraises British politics’ most frustrating but important dissident tradition. The next few years may be uncomfortable for those who don’t.

The Guardian’s book of the day [article here]


Hannah clearly welcomes Corbyn’s rise to leadership, and celebrates Labour’s conference last year — the largest in Labour’s history. That’s why his conclusion should be taken seriously: “Any serious reading of history can lead to only one conclusion: the socialist left will have to break down the traditional institutions of government and power in order to make any headway at all.” This means “doing something the left has always talked about but never done — building a mass extra-parliamentary movement.”

Socialist Review [article here]


This is a must-read for all of us still trying to come to grips with the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. It is a well-timed explanation of the class contradictions, the class compromise of Labourism, at the root of the Labour Party from its creation to the present day.

Labour Briefing [article here]