Reviews and feedback

A Party with Socialists in it: A history of the Labour left

A welcome corrective, This book astutely appraises British politics’ most frustrating but important dissident tradition’
Guardian – Book of the day

‘Admirably clear-sighted’
New Statesman

‘At a very crucial time in British politics, his book helps us to fill in important gaps in our knowledge’-
David Coates, author of ‘Prolonged Labour: The Slow Birth of New Labour in Britain’

“A well-timed explanation of the class contradictions at the root of the Labour Party from its creation to the present day”
Labour Briefing

“This is a cautionary tale, a story of high hopes and bitter frustration. Despite more or less dynamic and determined efforts, which Hannah describes in often fascinating detail, the left in the Labour Party has only rarely achieved its first aim of setting Labour’s policy agenda, and almost never its ultimate goal of getting radical left policies implemented by government.”

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay – the Fight to Stop the Poll Tax

‘”A timely reminder that if the working class is to defend itself it cannot afford to wait for Labour. It must rely on its own power and independent organisation as much as holding its leaders to account”
Red Flag magazine

“Hannah’s excellent study locates the movement within a long history of popular resistance… This book will help to supply ideological arms for all those determined to resist when the Johnson government comes calling for us to pay the price of the Coronavirus crisis.”
rs21 website

Radical Lambeth

‘Lambeth was once the citadel of the municipal left, its baroque Town Hall in Brixton a bastion of proud, creative, multicultural socialism. This exceptionally timely book finds how a New Left took power here, how it faced the problem of ‘socialism in one borough’, and how it was gradually worn down by inertia from within and repression from without. It’s a great story, brilliantly told by Simon Hannah, and an exemplar, both positive and negative, that a new generation of London socialists could learn a great deal from.’
Owen Hatherley, author of Red Metropolis and culture editor of Tribune

‘This book is a welcome challenge to the longstanding myths and lies about Lambeth in the 1980s.’
Joan Twelves, former Lambeth Council leader

Radical Lambeth is thoroughly researched and a worthwhile read, and is an excellent introductory text for anyone interested in either the history of the borough or the politics of the 1980s.’ 
The London Journal, November 2021