Books and articles

Socialist, pseudo-intellectual, self effacing yet mercilessly ambitious. Works in local government. Writes when he can.


I write books and pamphlets.

A Party with Socialists in it: A History of the Labour left
(Left Book Club/Pluto Press – 2018)
The history of the Labour left from 1900 to Corbyn’s era.
Guardian book of the Day

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay: The fight to stop the Poll Tax
(Pluto Press – 2020)
The story of how a mass non-payment movement defeated Thatcher’s flagship policy

Radical Lambeth
(Breviary Stuff – 2021)
The story of Lambeth from 1978-1991, a borough attacked by the right wing press as ‘loony left’ but in fact was a strong working class community that defied Thatcher and pioneered anti-racist campaigns.

Why we need Anticapitalist Resistance
(Resistance books – 2021)
Pamphlet for the launch of Anti-Capitalist Resistance in early 2021, making the case for revolutionary socialist politics in an age of far right populism and climate death.


Some of the longer articles I have written which I think you might like

Revolutionary defeatism, yesterday and today
Tempest Magazine 2022

The fight against climate change is a fight against capitalism
Open Democracy – 2019

What is the working class and why it matters
Anti-Capitalist Resistance – 2021

What kind of Labour anti-racist movement do we want?
Ceasefire Magazine 2019

Labour and local government – a history of compromise
Mutiny 2020