Some reading on immigration, Labour and open borders

Some useful links for people interested in reading more about immigration, open borders, Labour and working class politics

Britain achieved its superior economic status through colonialism and imperialism — systematically plundering and under-developing large parts of the world — and then the theft from those countries had to be guarded by closing-off the borders to the very people that suffered under that system. This ‘us’ and ‘them’ logic infects the wider politic, generating a view that foreigners are lazy, criminals, sub-intelligent or, alternatively, so hard working they threaten your own job. They are depicted as a torrent, a multitude of people (again, the UKIP ‘tipping point’ poster in the EU referendum is a prime example).

What kind of Labour anti-racist movement do we want?


Should the Labour Party be seen to, whether passively or actively, assist the biggest tightening of border controls in living memory? Have we forgotten that our class, our movement, and our enemies are international?

Labour and the Immigration Bill: notes on a cock-up

At the second reading of the Immigration Bill last night, Diane Abbott stood at the dispatch box and told the House of Commons that Labour had decided not to oppose the bill because the party was committed to ending free movement of people, as it pledged to do in 2017. Although Diane went on to criticise many aspects of the Immigration White Paper in her speech, the underlying argument was consistent with that of Conservative members sitting on the opposing side of the chamber: respecting the Brexit vote means controlling immigration and strengthening borders.

Labour’s immigration bill chaos exposed the left’s weaknesses on Brexit

Many treat migrant rights as separate from – or even in opposition to – class justice. But migration is a class issue. The super rich can live where they like anyway, paying for fast-tracked visas or frog leaping over any barriers put in place to disbar poorer migrants. Borders don’t exist to inconvenience the rich, they exist to control the poor

Brexit or no Brexit, Labour must stand up for migrant rights.

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