“Shoot them in the leg” – the death rattle of liberalism

You could not make Biden up.
It is a nation wide urban uprising against police violence and the liberal response is “shoot them in the leg instead of the heart.”
Ignoring the fact that there is no thing as a ‘shoot to wound’ – law enforcement are trained to shoot to kill and even if you do ‘shoot to wound’ you might hit an artery or some other complication that ends up killing someone – this is the most brilliant spectacular example of liberalism I have seen in my lifetime.
Don’t question the structures. Don’t question the institutions. Don’t analyse power. Don’t understand the righteous anger of generations rising up against oppression.
No. Instead we get ‘officer, be a nice guy and only shoot them in the leg.’
Ignoring the fact that some of the most disgusting acts of violence and murder – including the one against George Floyd – have got NOTHING to do with being shot. The police don’t need to shoot you in the heart to kill you, if you are a black American, or poor or someone they hate they can slowly strangle you to death whilst people watch on.
And Biden is the choice for the liberals to go up against Trump.

Published by

Simon H

Writer, socialist, bit part player in the end of the world drama

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