Brexit. Exhaustion. Westminster. Boring.

Send help, we are drowning.
Brexit is immobilising, exhausting shit.
I have been re-reading Mark Fisher recently and thinking about the importance of libidinal dynamic energy in politics. The excitement and energy of making something happen, the force of a movement, of the palpable possibility of change.
Right now it is the fascists of the far right who have the wind in their sales, not just in Britain but interntionally.
The feeling of crawling through mud is at the heart of the problems of Labourism’s entire electoralist strategy. What we needed more than anything was a mass movement pushing for some kind of radical politics of internationalism, against racism, better living conditions, taking on the banks and power companies over climate change, etc. That would have clarified the issues around Brexit far better than this interminable dance around the village pump about Customs Unions and Single Markets. Exhausting, boring and elitist.
Instead we are sitting back and watching the MPs fuck it up day after day and the only solution that people are pushing for is for a general election to rearrange the parliamentary arithmetic to try and get a soft Brexit through.
And now the far right are monopolising criticism of parliament for their own fascistic ends and the ‘radical left’ is flailing around defending parliamentary democracy as this great thing, forgetting (if they ever learnt them) all of the criticisms that we had of parliament as a model of governing our society.
And this bring me back to the perennial theme – the left has won control of Labour but what have they done with it?  We are demobilised by Brexit partly because the labour movement is demobilised at present.

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