Christopher Ecclestone as an anarchist revolutionary

In the 1996 BBC TV series Our Friends in the North, Christopher Ecclestone played Nicky Hutchinson, disillusioned with mainstream politics, sickened by the stench of corruption in local government, he turns to a radical anarchist group for solutions.

“You the politicians, the leaders, the rich, the big bosses, are in command. You attempt to control us. We, the people, suffer.

You turn us into robots on your production lines.

You pollute the world with chemical waste from your factories.

You shove mass media garbage down our throats.

You turn the law into a pig circus. You turn us all, men and women, into sexual caricatures.

You kill us. You napalm us. Boil us down into soap. Mutilate us. Rape us.

This has gone on for centuries but it is coming to an end.

You cannot control our revolution because it springs from the rank and file.

You cannot penetrate our organisartion because we have none.

The people will smash the system.

The people will seize power.”

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Simon H

Writer, socialist, bit part player in the end of the world drama

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